We offer professional tax consultancy  that fits within their business needs. The main area of our activity includes transfer prices and tax risk management, but thanks to our knowledge and experience we provide a comprehensive tax service.

Our support may include in particular:


Transactions with related parties are subject to specific regulations and are of particular interest of tax authorities. To meet your needs, we offer comprehensive services related to the area of transfer pricing, comprising:

  • preparing transfer pricing documentation
  • transfer pricing analysis based on the examination of comparable transactions (“benchmarking study”),
  • analysis and evaluation of the documents prepared by the Client in terms of their compliance with the requirements of the tax law,
  • documenting transactions related to the acquisition of intangible services (creating so-called “defense file”)
  • analyses and evaluation of transfer pricing risk, analysis of contracts for compliance with the tax regulations relating to transfer pricing, reviews of transfer pricing.


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Tax law and its interpretations are subject to constant changes, while entrepreneurs frequently face doubts about how to treat a given activity from the tax point of view. A “Hot Line” with a tax advisor is our answer to such situations. Tax consultancy in the form of a “Hot Line” consists in answering your questions right away. The answers are provided by e-mail or over the phone. This solution ensures instant  help in your ongoing business through access to expertise and experience in tax issues. We provide accurate and adequate answers to the questions asked and a rapid response.

Tax authorities are entitled to inspect the correctness of tax settlements. However, it is best not to wait for the inspection to come, but to anticipate it and  “straighten out” any irregularities beforehand. Tax review allows identifying not only the areas of tax risk, but also any potential tax optimization. The scope and subject of the tax review are negotiated individually with each Client and may include several taxes (e.g. CIT, VAT and tax on civil law transactions), one tax only (e.g. only CIT or the real estate tax) or a selected area (e.g. correctness of depreciation write-offs).


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Tax workshops are closed-door meetings, tailored to the Client’s needs. We offer both standard workshops (e.g. dedicated to the changes in the regulations), and adapted to the Client’s needs on the selected topic. It is standard practice that some part of the workshop is devoted to discuss the issues proposed by the Client.

In our work, we help our Clients with all tax issues arising in their everyday operations, in particular by:

  • drawing up tax opinions,
  • preparing requests for tax interpretations,
  • preparing other tax correspondence (appeals, complaints, etc.)

Tax regulations provide taxpayers with various  options to  shape the amount of taxes paid in a lawful manner. Our experience allows us to identify them and support you in taking advantage of them. For instance, our assistance may include:

  • income taxation optimization from the point of view of the owner and the organization itself
  • optimization of tax-related cash-flow,
  • planning structures to optimize the amount of tax liabilities in the process of ownership transformations.