The integrity of the accounting records  is the foundation of each business unit. Frequent changes in legislation, mainly in the field of taxation, the requirements related to the application of different accounting standards, advanced  IT solutions require specialized knowledge.

We offer our Clients the outsourcing of accounting services in the following areas:


Running a business requires extensive, specialized knowledge in many areas: commercial law, civil law and tax law – in particular knowledge of income tax, VAT, the Accounting Act, the principles of tax  and account settlements. Moreover, it is crucial to be familiar with the Labor Code and the social insurance regulations. Such a wide knowledge makes it necessary for an entrepreneur to employ experts in various fields. This implies the need to expand the legal and accounting department –  and to increase the employment costs. In our pursuit to meet the expectations of our Clients, we provide a full range of financial – accounting services rendered by skilled professionals working under the supervision of certified auditors. Depending on the Client’s needs, we offer comprehensive bookkeeping and the performance of specific tasks. Each of our projects is customized to the expectations and guidelines defined by the Client. The scope of services provided by the Audit & Business Consulting includes in particular:

  • recording accounting documents
  • keeping records of fixed assets, calculation of depreciation value,
  • keeping records  for VAT  purposes
  • preparing monthly and annual tax returns,
  • Drawing up statistical report:
  • drawing up financial statements for the financial year
  • drawing up financial reports and analyzes.

Keeping personnel and payroll records  and calculating wages  are formal and  legal obligation of each entrepreneur. By separating the payroll department from your company structure will ensure confidentiality of wages and correctness of payroll registers. Audit & Business Consulting offers you comprehensive HR and  payroll services that guarantee that all the above objectives are achieved. Our offer includes in particular:

  • drawing up monthly payrolls for the Client’s employees in accordance with the timesheets,
  • acting as an intermediary in submitting applications for social insurance registration and deregistration within the time limits prescribed by law and notifying of any data changes,
  • drawing up social insurance statements and reports,
  • keeping individual pay slips,
  • preparing information for the insured employees on   RMUA forms,
  • calculating personal income tax advances,
  • drawing up PIT-4R, PIT-11, PIT-40 returns,
  • checking the bills  for work-for-hire contracts  for compliance with the tax and social insurance regulations,
  • drawing up employment contracts,
  • drawing up employment  certificates,
  • keeping personal files of employees.

Financial statements are the final product of a long process of processing accounting information required to manage a company. Fast access to such information helps the management staff to make strategic decisions and often stimulates the proper development of the organization. At your request, we provide services in the area of drawing up individual, consolidated and combined financial statements in compliance with:

  • the provisions of the Accounting Act
  • international financial reporting standards,
  • group policies,
  • the requirements of the securities market (NewConnect, the WSE)

As far as the combined financial statements  are concerned, we specialize in achieving comparability of financial statements of foreign branches of Polish companies drawn up according to local balance sheet law with the standards of financial statements applicable in Poland.

Our offer includes services consisting in preparing  expert reports, opinions and detailed projects  on computerized accounting and financial reporting using integrated IT systems.

Our consulting services  in this field make it possible to improve the operation of strategic departments (including financial and accounting departments), accelerate  the  information flow, and standardize the processes within the organization to facilitate decision-making processes.

Services related to computerization of accounting and financial reporting include:

  • analyzes of the current condition of the IT systems,  with identification of strengths and weaknesses as well as the information needs of individual units,
  • comparison of IT products available on the market in terms of their flexibility and optimization of solutions to the Client’s specific needs,
  • supervision over the implementation process  in terms of concept and content  and – upon request,  in terms of IT aspects,
  • parameterization and optimization of the implemented systems.

Our services include expert reports, opinions and  detailed projects on organizing  accounting and internal control. Our consulting services  in this field make it possible to improve the operation of strategic departments (including financial and accounting departments), protect  your company against loss of assets and can be a source of early warning for the management.

The expertise acquired in dealing with companies that operate under various legal forms (commercial law companies, partnerships, cooperative organizational units, associations, state enterprises) and  in various sectors has allowed us to gain experience with systems of organizing  accounting and internal control as applied in practice.

We provide our Clients with the following services:

  • analyzes of the current situation,  with the indication of strengths and weaknesses as well as possible restructuring efforts in terms of organizational and financial  issues.
  • management accounting plans, together with detailed cost accounting and product cost calculation,
  • developing  accounting policies (principles), chart of accounts, internal regulations and instructions,
  • cooperation in the selection and implementation of financial and accounting programs,
  • developing internal control procedures
  • creating model sets of reports and the developing internal reporting for the managerial staff,
  • planning document circulation in finance and accounting departments.