The experience gathered by our specialist during work for renowned consulting and auditing firms and during execution of projects for enterprises from various economy sectors enables us to provide our Clients with services of financial and economic consulting. Within the framework of these services we offer you cooperation in the following projects:

On request of our Clients we conduct due diligence within the following scopes:

  • accounting (review of the applied accounting principles and impact on valuation of individual items of assets and liabilities, review of statements as for their correctness of valuation of assets and liabilities),
  • legal and tax (analysis of legal conditions and risks related to e.g. estate of the entity, identification of tax risks, optimisation of fiscal burden related to ownership transformations),
  • financial and market (analysis of financial situation on the basis of historical data, evaluation of presented financial plans/projections, analysis of organisation and management system, analysis of market position, offered products, sale structure and distribution channels, price policy in use).

We provide our Clients with support in developing merger, division or transformation plans as well as in determining stock/share exchange parity in conducted transactions.

Our services within this scope are supplemented with consultancy regarding tax optimisation (preparing a proposal related to the selection of an optimum tax structure aiming at minimisation of fiscal burden).

Within the scope of services of consultancy and supervision over implementation of IAS/IFRS we offer:

  • active participation in organising and supervising the project of implementation of IAS/IFRS,
  • making a comprehensive analysis of the Company reporting system in order to identify differences between IAS/IFRS and accounting policy adopted by the Company as well as determination of rules and possible solutions with regard to implementation of the IAS/IFRS regulations,
  • providing support in estimating value differences, in particular in the area of fixed assets and procedures of valuation of fixed asset components,
  • developing models of financial statements and documentation of accounting policy in conformity with IAS/IFRS as well as active participation in adjusting the Company IT systems and its organisation structure to new reporting requirements,
  • conducting training courses on IAS/IFRS for the Company employees.

Also we provide services:

  • economic and financial analyses,
  • drawing up business plans and profitability assessment of investment projects,
  • valuations of companies using accounting and income-based methods of valuation.